Valery Fokin’s play Masquerade. Reminiscences of the Future is a TV adaptation of the Mikhail Lermontov’s drama Masquerade and the 1917 play by Vsevolod Meyerhold.

…Personas of the 1917 play appear on stage in glass museum boxes and come to life too. The plot of the Mikhail Lermontov’s drama is shown through characters and mise en scenes of the famous Vsevolod Meyerhold’s play and replicated in documented modern-day events.

Director Valery Fokin. Composer Аlexandr Bakshi, fragments of music A.Glazunov, M.Glinka.

Cast: Dmitry Lysenkov, Elena Vozhakina, Nikolai Marton.

2014, Alexandrinsky theatre



Musical «Count Orlov» (videoversion)

Count Orlov is a remarkable tale of love and betrayal. It is based on one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of the Russian Empire. As the real facts of those years remain veiled in mystery, the Moscow Operetta Theatre offers its version of the story brilliantly told by Yuliy Kim.


Director Alina Chevik. Libretto writer Yuliy Kim.

Cast: Igor Balalaev, Teona Dolnikova, Ekaterina Guseva, Alexander Marakulin, Alexander Markelov, Sergey Lee, Vladislav Kiryuhin, Karine Asiryan.

2013, «The Moscow Operetta Theatre»



Musical «Monte Cristo» (videoversion)

Director Alina Chevik. Libretto writer Yuliy Kim.

Cast: Igor Balalaev, Valerie Lanskaya, Maxim Novikov, Alexander Marakulin, Alexander Golubev, Vadim Michman, Alexander Postolenko, Anna Guchenkova, Lika Rulla, Vyacheslav Shlyakhtov, Vladislav Kiryuhin, Karine Asiryan, Rodion Romanadze, Arina Kurchenkova.

Based on the novel «The Count of Monte Cristo»  by Alexandre Dumas

The show opens with a magnificent ball. Couples are dancing gracefully as guests are engaged in conversation. The ball is in full swing, but the carefree fun is about to be cut short by the host – the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo.

Meanwhile, the show takes the audience back in time when many years ago a young sailor Edmond Dantes, on the day of his marriage to the beautiful Mercedes, is sentenced without trial and thrown into prison at Chateau d'If. He is the victim of a plot made by Fernand, who has been long in love with Edmond's fiancé, and deputy crown prosecutor Villefort, who convicts him for fear of being exposed.

Dantes will spend 20 years in the castle dungeons before he's able to escape. Fate will reward him for all his suffering: following a tip from a fellow prisoner, he will find fabulous treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo.

2010, «The Moscow Operetta Theatre».



Musical  «An Ordinary Miracle» (videoversion)

Director Ivan Popovski. Libretto writer Yuliy Kim. Composer Gennady Gladkov.

Cast:Igor Balalaev, Alena Denisenko, Pavel Khrulyov, Yulia Pak, Yuriy Mazikhin, Anton Eldarov, Andrey Grachyov, Oksana Kostetskaya, Olga Azhazha, Elena Moiseeva, Pavel Rassudov, Alexander Ragulin, Alexander Sukhanov.

Musical screening, musical by Gennady Gladkov and Yuliy Kim, based on the play of the same name by Evgeny Schvartz.

2011, The Dubrovka Theatre




«Turandot» (videoversion)

Director Dmitry Bertman. Composer Giacomo Puccini.

Cast: Elena Mikhaylenko (Turandot), Ksenia Lisanskaya (Princess), Dmitry Ponomarev (Altoum), Alexander Kisselev (Timur), Vitaly , erebryakov (Calaf), Yulia Shcherbakova (Liù), Dmitry Yankovsky (Ping), Vitaly Fomin (Pong), Ivan Volkov (Pang), Alexey Dedov (Mandarin), Maxim Losev-Demidov (Executioner), Mikhail Demin (Prince of Persia).

A princess who hates men will agree to marry a man who manages to solve three riddles, otherwise he will be beheaded. The beauty of the princess captivates prince Calaf and he gives a sign to propose her. The Emperor Altoum does not want another young man’s death but Calaf insists and successfully passes the test. The princess pleads with the father not to give her in marriage to a stranger. But the Emperor is bound by a sacred oath. Calaf promised her if she learns his name before sunrise, he will forfeit his life.

None shall sleep in Peking. Turandot ordered to learn the stranger’s name by dawn. The guards seize Timur and Liu who have been recently talking to the unknown man.

Trying to save Timur from tortures Liu claims that only she knows the name but she will keep it secret as she loves the prince. Then Liu kills herself. Everybody departs, leaving the Prince and Turandot alone for the first time…

2017, Helikon-Opera



Video recording of the performance  «Nord-Ost»

Directors, libretto writers, composers:  Aleksei  Ivaschenko, Georgii Vasilyev.

Cast: Ekaterina Guseva, Andrey Bogdanov, Konstantin Kabanov, Yury Mazikhin, Oksana Kostetskaya, Peter Markin, Elena Kazarinova and others.

The musical «Nord-Ost» is based on «Two Captains», a novel by Veniamin Kaverin. The life of two generations is depicted in the background of real events of Russian history. A romantic epoch set in the context of the discovery of the north-east lands, the search for a Northern sea route through the ice of the Arctic ocean, stormy revolution years. World War II, the Siege of Leningrad, and the development of Russian polar aviation - these are the milestones through which the plot is moved.

2003, The Dubrovka Theatre