Opening of Ural Film Festival in Kosmos

Opening of Ural Film Festival in Kosmos
On 2 September, in Theater Cinema Kosmos the opening of the Second Ural Festival of Russian Cinema happened. The festival is held on 2-8 September at the 20 venues of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.
Along the red carpet starting from the monument to the Lumiere Brothers, together with renown directors, producers and actors, walked the guests of the festival who were warmly welcomed at the doors swung open of KOSMOS by the Minister of Culture in Sverdlovsk region Svelana Uchaikina and the Director of the festival, the chairman of Sverdlovsk organization of Russian Cinematographers Union, Vladimir Makeranets.
Accompanied with a long ovation of the audience, People’s Artist of Russia, a director Alla Surikova, directors Aleksander Kott, Andrey Proshkin, Valery Akhadov, a cinematographer Yury Raisky, a film critic Lev Karakhan, actresses Anna Churikova and Dana Abyzova, actors Yury Mazikhin and Din Fan and many others walked the red carpet.
Not even less excited the audience welcomed representatives of the cultural elite of Yekaterinburg: Merited Arts Worker of Russia, an actor and a playwright Nikolay Kolyada, Honored Artist of Russia Irina Ermolova. An actress Vasilina Makovtseva (A Gentle Creature) was awarded a special round of applause. Yekaterinburg was represented by a director and producer Aleksey Fedorchenko, the organizer and director of Ural Music Night and Old New Rock festivals Evgeny Gorenburg and other significant people of the city.
The opening ceremony started with the welcoming address of the Minister of Culture in Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Uchaikina who expressed her hope that before the closing of the festival the issue with the Third Ural Festival of Russian Cinema will be settled.
A famous Ural band Kurara headed by Merited Artist of Russia Oleg Yagodin performed as the headliners of the opening ceremony with the song Nado bolshe khoroshego (there must be more good things) and Yekaterinburgher. There must be more good things is the slogan of the film festival. 
Yekaterinburgher. KURARA at the opening of URALKINOFEST
The first statuette of the Second Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema – “Recognition”- was awarded to a famous actress and director Alla Surikova. Alla Ilyinichna mentioned that getting such a prize is a great responsibility. And she knows how difficult it is to establish a film festival. “Your festival is made at a very high level.”
A great surprise for the audience in the cinema hall was a video “Yekaterinburg is a city of good people” in which various residents of the city were welcoming the viewers. Among them there were “Chaif” music band, football players FC “Ural”, a swimmer Yuri Prilukov, hockey players “Avtobobilist”, a photographer Alexander Osipov Ezh, a composer Aleksander Pantykin, a playwright Nikolay Kolyada and many others.
Yekaterinburg is welcoming guests
There was a long round of applause to pay tribute to Vera Glagoleva. As part of URALKINOFEST program her two movies are to be shown: Two Women and One War.
Chairman of the jury of URALKINOFEST, a Russian director, screenwriter, member of Asia Paсific Screen Academy expressed his hope that the choice and the decision of the jury will come home to the audience.
Chairman of the jury at URALKINOFEST 2017 Andrey Proshkin
Vladimir Makeranets on the opening of the festival:
“It’s great pleasure to see the full hall of such a large cinema theater. But I have to tell you that before the opening today viewers were waiting in the lines to buy tickets for the first movie shows from half past seven. It is just delightful. We will hope that it will continue during the whole festival. The Second Ural Festival of Russian Cinema is open!” 
 URALKINOFEST is welcoming guests and viewers at the celebration of the cinema in Yekaterinburg!