Platforms of the Festival

Platforms of the Festival











DOM KINO (The Cinema House) of the Cinematographers Union of Russia, Ural Branch, was opened on April 2th, 1983. The initiator of its creation was Yaropolk Lapshin – classic of the Ural cinema, head of the Cinematographers Union Ural department of that time.

Originally Dom Kino was conceived as a creative club of Ural filmmakers and subsequently became one of the most important cultural centers of Yekaterinburg.

Dom Kino is a "club" cinema, interdisciplinary cultural platform. Annually here are held film screenings and events of different Russian and international festivals (International Festival-Workshop "Kinoproba", The Manhattan Short Film Festival, Show US, Festival Les Saisons Parisiennes, Stalker, Rossiya, "New German Cinema" etc.), the film-club events, Special Screenings, Premieres, creative performances and meetings with famous directors and figures of not only Russian, but also all world cinematography.
137, Lunacharskogo, str.
YELTSIN PRESIDENTIAL CENTER was opened in Yekaterinburg on November, 25, 2015 to mark the beginning of a new political tradition in Russia.

The primary mission of the Center is to keep the historical heritage of the first Russian President and his epoch. The core of the Center is the museum equipped with the newest multimedia technologies that help to vividly present the documents, archive photos and artefacts of the 90-s.

The Yeltsin Center - a large-scale cultural institution, which accumulates educational, scientific and social projects for a variety of audiences. Conference hall and cinema, a separate floor for children's educational projects, a spacious atrium for theater, musical events, a bookstore, a lecture center, coworking and cafes - the main elements of the new sociocultural atmosphere of Yekaterinburg. The Yeltsin Center also supports activities in the following areas: Education, Culture, Youth, Intemational, Humanitarian Cooperation, Publishing, Literary Awards.
3, Yeltsina str.


KOSMOS THEATRE is the largest professional spectacular venue in the region that is specially adapted for different kinds of concerts, theatrical performances, stage shows and conferences.

Kosmos Theatre conducts shows of the best Russian and International performers, premiers by outstanding domestic and foreign filmmakers, economic and political forums are also held in this venue.

  • Large auditorium with 1924 seats equipped with a professional sound and light equipment
  • Two of smaller auditoriums with 126 seats each
  • Spacious lobby, comfortable lounges, dressing room
  • Exhibitions
  • Cafes and bars are located on three floors of the lobby, ready to accommodate more than 2,000 visitors
 2, Dzerzhinskogo str.
PREMIER ZAL PARK HOUSE is a modern cinema theater with the latest equipment and 8 digital halls . The cinema is located on the 3d floor of the mall «Park House». You can find a large selection of drinks, eco-popcorn with different flavors; whether it's cheese, chocolate, watermelon, popcorn with porcini mushrooms and other flavors that will satisfy even the most fastidious gourmet! Number of halls - 8, number of seats – 1450.
- Sound. The latest surround sound system Dolby Digital Surround Ex - Display. Halls are equipped with digital system - Real D 3D (three-dimensional image with special glasses usage).
- Modern climate control system in all halls, which secures comfort in any season.
phone: +7 (343) 23-666-67
50, Sulimova str.
PREMIER ZAL GRANAT  The cinema theater «Premier Zal Granat» has four modern and comfortable halls: two 3D halls and two 2D halls which are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround EХ sound system.
There is no projection rooms. Everyone can observe cinema equipment right in the lobby. Number of halls - 4 . Number of seats - 562
- Sound. The latest surround sound system Dolby Digital Surround Ex
- Display. Halls are equipped with digital system - Real D 3D (three-dimensional image with using special glasses).
- There is a modern climate control system in all halls, which secure comfort in any season.
phone: +7 (343) 23-666-61  
63, Amundsen str.




was founded in 1996 as directed by the Governor of Sverdlovsk region E.E. Rossel. Today the theater is a center of social, political and cultural life of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. The Variety Theater is equipped with the most modern innovative technologies that allow it to host a project of any level of complexity. Theater’s repertoire includes concerts, plays, shows of different genres and styles for both adults and children. The Variety Theater host some of the most important events of the Sverdlovsk region and the whole Ural district. Theater’s employees are great professionals and its musical and performing arts bands are famous not only in Russia but all over the world.Artistic director - poet and composer Aleksandr Vasilievich Novikov. Theater manager – Maksim Borisovich Lebedev.
15, 8 March str.
THE URAL BRANCH OF THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS (EbNCCA) was established in Yekaterinburg in 1999, having undertaken the mission to introduce contemporary art in public urban spaces. The most ambitious project of the branch is the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, founded in 2012. More than 100 industrial, exhibition, theater, educational and business sites in Yekaterinburg and Ural Region have participated in the Biennial. Its industrial subject has made it a major player among other biennial projects.

Nowadays more than ten projects of EbNCCA are nominated for the Innovation Prize in the All-Russian Competition in Contemporary Visual Art. The Center provides its sites for exhibition and interdisciplinary projects, educational programs in the field of contemporary art for children and adults, theatre laboratories and research projects. NCCA consists of the center in Moscow and 7 branches: St. Petersburg, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Tomsk. Since 2016 NCCA has been part of the State museum and exhibition center «ROSIZO».
19a, Dobrolubova str.
KINOPLEX is a modern cinema theater. It is made up of 6 digital cinema halls with 951 seats and located at the Karnaval Shopping Mall. Film shows start every 20 minutes. You can choose from at least 10 films available in the wide repertoire including a number of genres from cartoons to thrillers and from comedies to tragedies. All cinema halls have digital projectors and innovative technologies of screening together with Dolby Digital Surround EX acoustics.
Film shows start even if only one ticket is sold. Pleasant temperatures all year round, cosy and well-placed chairs make your stay at the halls comfortable. The cinema bar is also rather various.
Karnaval Shopping Mall, 3 floor
55, Khalturina str.

KONTINENT CINEMA – YEKATERINBURG  is a modern four-hall cinema theater that is a part of Fan-Fan shopping mall.

The theater includes four cozy halls (260 seats) and a brilliant bar with fresh popcorn and beverages. It has top-notch film projection equipment by the American firm Chrictie.

Dayily repertoire includes up to 10 movies. We start working at 10.00 am. It is warm in winter and cool and refreshing in summer in our halls! Our cinema theater offers plenty opportunities to enjoy your free time! Welcome!


2, Yasnaya str.

KINOGRAD  is a modern and comfortable cinema theater with two halls with 177 and 52 seats. Various events are held in here, devoted to certain films premieres and different holidays, there is a discount and promotion system for tickets. All the widely distributed films are demonstrated here. The building of the theatre is the former Center of entertainment and cinema «Fakel» which was opened for Verkhnyaya Pyshma citizens in 1963. In 2011 the theater started a new life due to receiving modern cinema equipment. The big hall is equipped with a digital projector Christie, a silver screen, Master Image 3D system and Dolby Digital 7.1 sound system. In the hall, there are places for limited mobility people.
The small hall with 52 seats is equipped with digital projector Barco, 3D system Dolby and sound system Dolby Digital 7.1 and is situated on the second floor.
Verkhnyaya Pyshma
2, Chistova str.
The cinema "RODINA 3D" in Nizhny Tagil located in the city centre. It was opened in 1957 and since then has become an attractive leisure centre. After a major renovation in 2002, the filming area technical equipment and comfort of the auditoriums comply with European standards. In the cinema "Rodina" has two halls: "Galaxy" to 183 and "illusion" on the 163 seats equipped with digital projectors, acoustics, Dolby, huge screens, ergonomic chairs. In September 2011, installed new equipment, which allowed to implement screening in a new digital format - 3D with high quality image and excellent sound. In the cinema located kinobar "Galaxy", with a good selection of drinks and popcorn, cafe-grill "USB", a large play area with simulators and machines.The repertoire of films of different genres, taking into account the wishes of viewers of all ages. During the year, held creative meetings with actors, the premiere art art, short films.
Today is the biggest in the city center of 3D space.
Nizhny Tagil
57, Lenin str.                
tel. 8 (3435) 42-25-69
Cinematheaters chain
«Kinofox» was the first cinema with 3 halls in Kamensk-Uralskiy, it works since 2008 and shows not less that 5 films a day. Here are held the most expectable premieres, cinema festivals, private screenings and theme cinema parties. Halls are equipped with the hardware which allows to show films in 3D. Dolby Digital Surround EX sound system and Christie projectors.
+7 (3439) 370-007
24, Suvorova str.,
36a, Lenina str.


Cinema theater «VOSHOD» is a modern cinema center in Pervouralsk with two halls for screenings. The big hall with the biggest screen in Sverdlovsk oblast has 480 seats. The small hall - for a small company has 30 seats. In this theater, you can have fun with your family, enjoy an interesting movie in a high quality. High-class sound and picture, 3D-technologies, comfortable chairs and a cozy bar will give you great time and good mood.
41, Gagarina str.
CINEMA THEATER CKiD in Krasnoufimsk was opened in November 2011. After a capital reconstruction the hall is equipped with modern projection and sound equipment. Now films in 2D/3D are shown here.
In the center of Culture and Leisure concerts, spectacles, creative meetings and holyday events are held.

2,  Sovetskaya str. 


Cinema and concert theater «Progress» of Asbest, opened for audience in 1962 keeps make guests and citizens of Asbest happy with concerts of pop-starts and the newest fresh movies.

Two halls (673 seats) are equipped with modern digital cinema projection tools and 3D format. A huge screen, more than 12 meters wide allows audience to feel themselves in the epicenter of everything shown on the screen.
7, Leningradskaya str.


«RODINA» is the Municipal Institution of Culture of Bulanash, Artemovsky district. It was founded in 1951. It is a cinema theater, also responsible for cultural activities. «Rodina» was awarded by Certificates of Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region for arranging film festivals in high professional level.
In 2015 «Rodina» won the competition of Russia Film Fund and got the grant of 5 million rubles. The cinema hall was reconstructed and 3D cinema-equipment and a silver cover screen appeared, in the cinema hall 240 soft theatre chairs were placed.

Teatralnaya Square