It is talent that is a major cost on a budget.

It is talent that is a major cost on a budget.








Short films may be called "invisible" since they are screened quite rarely. Meanwhile, these are short films that make the future achievements of our cinema mature and trained. These are short films where you can meet the names that tomorrow will be the core of our director's body. The most of the amazing discoveries are waiting for you here.


Outlining the Short Film program, I have watched more than 200 films with length from 5 to 30 minutes. I must admit that in many cases I took great pleasure out of it. Some films must have been rejected with bitter and genuine regret since the festival cannot include everything. Anyway, this program ended up to be the most numerous and, to my mind, one of the most fascinating at the Ural Cinema Festival.


Short films welcome talents readily. In the century of digital cinema, one does not need unwieldy cameras or large film crews. One does not need studios or sceneries. And the main cost on the budget keeps being the same talent. If one has it, there will be a film. Having watched the six volumes of short films that we have prepared for you, you will be assured of it.

Program director of the Ural Open Cinema Festival,

Valery Kichin