Film celebration

Film celebration





The best Russian films will be shown to Ural citizens

Source: «Argumenty I fakty-Ural», 7.09.2016



To talk with stars of Russian cinema, to see fresh – just from the filming – movies – this opportunity will have the guests of the First Ural opened Festival of Russian cinema which will be held in Sverdlovsk oblast from 21th to 27th of September. Inna Churikova, Vladimir Menshov, Sergey Bezrukov, Alexey Fedorchenko and other famous directors and actors will walk down the red carpet.


We asked Vladimir Makeranets, a director and a head of Ural department of Russian Cinematographers Union, what should we expect from the film festival.


Fulfilling dreams

- Vladimir Ilyich, the first question is: why Yekaterinburg? Festivals like this are usually held in the capital of our homeland.

- Sverdlovsk film studio has always been one of the most bright and known all over the country. It usually produces films of a very good quality not talking about documentaries and animation – we have been dealing with everything. That is why we, film people, think that we live in kind of a cinema region. For a long time we have been telling that Yekaterinburg deserves this festival. The Year of Cinema helped us – this dream has come true. Our task is to organize the festival well enough to receive positive reviews and to keep it in our region. 

If we are talking about Russian cinema it turned out that viewers don’t  really want to go to cinemas for it. We don’t blame anyone in it. I have an opinion that a critical point for Russian audience became the 90s when the dumb burst and a lot of low-quality movies  flooded from West. People came to watch and… got used to it. Two generations were raised on it and it is much harder to return then. Of course, there is a lot of brilliant foreign movies. But also many bad ones.


- So the task is to explain the audience what good-quality cinema is like?

- Yes, and to do it for free. The entrance of all cinema-theaters will be free. There are more than 70 films in competition and out-of-the-competition programs. Of course, cinema is a matter of taste but all of the festival films are very interesting. For example, Yakut cinema which is winning awards at many festivals right now. Yakut state is interested in their own film production and, the most important, these films are very attractive for viewers.



First screening

- Vladimir Ilyich, what would you tell about the competition program? Do you agree with Jury’s choice of films?

- Jury will jugde 14 competition films selected by film critics. Do I agree or nor is a subjective question. I am a human – something I like, something I don’t but what I do agree with is the quality of the movies. They are definitely worth to see, most of them will be shown first time. In Moscow international festival times people used to come to the capital only for it and used to run from one cinema theater to another from morning till night. Now it is slightly different – we have Internet, piracy… And still there are always the best and the newest films at the festival.


- What should the audience expect except the competition program?

- There are a lot of programs: gala-premieres, family cinema, theatrical entr’acte, «Tarkovsky Time», «Extraordinary Eldar Ryazanov», «Unknown Vladimir Motyl» - there will be no «White Sun of the Desert» will be different films which young people definitely haven’t seen. «Short film» is another popular genre. Guests of the festival will see new Russian short films.


- One of the problems of this kind of festivals is a very small geographical spread. But, as far as I know, Ural Festival will not be limited to Yekaterinburg.

- We have 8 platforms in the Ural capital and 8 in Oblast. Except Yekaterinburg the screening will be in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Kamensk-Uralsky, Pervouralsk, Nizhniy Tagil and several other towns. Around 60 guests from all the country will come to Yekaterinburg: directors, producers, actors. Communication with the viewers is a necessary part of the festival. Another important part is the atmosphere – the red carpet, ladies will be able to «walk» their dresses. Isn’t it a celebration?


Bezrukov and Menshov

- To talk with a star is a wish of many people. Which famous people will visit the Festival?

- Jury consists of cinema director and Oscar winner Vladimir Menshov, cinema director and a script-writer Alexey Fedorchenko, a head of the Russian Cinema Festival in Honfleur Elena Duffort, cameraman of cult movies Sergey Astakhov, academician of Russian cinema Academy «Nika» Elena Stishova. Festival will be opened by the film «After you» where the producer and the main actor is Sergey Bezrukov. He will also come to Yekaterinburg. The closing film is «Uchenik» of Kirill Serebrennikov. There will be a lot of big names!



- Vladimir Ilyich, in the beginning of the conversation you said that  one of the priorities is to keep the festival in the region. What do you have to do for it?

- Nothing supernatural. First, the audience has to like the festival. Second, we have to get  reviews from critics. Yekaterinburg is the third city of Russia, we have to develop and promote it also in a cultural way. Maybe I repeat myself but Sverdlovsk film studio always have been the forth in the country – according to amount, level and films quality. It appeared in 1943 during the war the first film here was made. During decades brilliant movies were made and high-class actors used to work.

I want to believe that the festival will be a fresh breathe for cinematographical life of the region. Is there any difference for a director about a place to work? The main thing is to get the opportunity – a place to live and finance. He can film at any place. We’ve been to so many places! The film «Semyon Dezhnyov» I made near our lake – we put some ice and snow on it, made a lot of smoke so the city was not visible at the background – and we got the Arctic Ocean. But for walruses we went to Kamchatka.


Kristina Shabunina, «Argumenty i Fakty-Ural»