Сompetition program

Сompetition program

Films of the First Ural Opened Cinema Festival competition program have been announced. The Festival will be held from 21th till 27th September in Yekaterinburg

The September screening in Yekaterinburg will collect the best movies that have been filmed in Russia this year.
In the main competition of the First Ural Festival take part 14 films.



One of them is a film of Anna Matison «After you», which producer and the main actor was Sergey Bezrukov. It is a tragic story of Alexey Temnikov, a genius ballet actor, whose career was interrupted in the 90s because of a trauma. After 20 years he learns that soon he will not be able to walk. Alexey decides to perform his «swan song» — he wants to stage a musical play which he planned a long time ago.

Among the competitors, there is also a family melodrama «Autumn memories» filmed by a famous actor Andrey Sokolov («Malenkaya Vera») based on Alexander Zvyagintsev script. The film has a unique cast — Inna Churikova, Evgenia Simonova, Natalya Shchukina, Alexander Lazarev-junior, Andrey Sokolov.

In the competition is also presented a new work of Vladimir Khotinenko «Heirs». The famous director who started his way at Sverdlovsk film studio filmed a movie of an unusual genre — in a format of a TV-show where Sergey Radonezhsky was discussed.

In the competition program will take part: a youth drama «City birds» (dir. Yulya Belaya), «Joker» based on Antosha Chekhonte novels (Director Alexander Kaurykh, Associated director Sergey Okhotin), a memory-film «His daughter», sport-movie «Pitch» (dir. Eduard Bordukov), «The Find» based on Tendryakov novel (dir. Viktor Dement), a drama «Escape from Moskvabad» (dir. Darya Poltoratskaya), a comedy «Teli and Toli» (dir. Alexander Amirov), films «Shadow» (dir. Dmitriy Svetozarov), «Rag Union» (dir. Mikhail Mestetsky), «Good Boy» (dir. Oxana Karas), family comedy «I Give You My Word – 2» (dir. Alexander Karpilovsky).

The jury of the Festival headed by Vladimir Menshov will choose the winners in following nominations: Grand-Prix, prize for Best Director, for Best Actor, for Best Actress, for Best Cinematography, for Best Debut, Special jury prize. After the voting will be held Audience Choice Award.
Films of out-of-the-competition programs «Short Film» and «XXI-century View» have also been announced — 9 films.
In total during the Festival in Yekaterinburg and Oblast will be shown 93 films, meetings, round tables and special events will be held. Find the details on uralkinofest.ru.

The First Ural Opened Festival of Russian Cinema welcomes guests and expects the audience from 21th to 27th September.

Comment of the Programm director, Valery Kichin:

Ironically, Russian cinema produces invisible films: they are just not being shown. Not because they are bad, but because a huge revenue is needed immediately. That is why we have so many one-day films — gunplays, scarers, jokes. Not many people believe that cinema is able to be smart, interesting and kind. People don’t want to watch films about themselves and their lives. Our Festival wants to break this stereotype and prove that there is still good cinema in Russia. Among hundreds of invisible films, we picked the best. Welcome to dialogue.