Competition program at URALKINOFEST 2017

Competition program at URALKINOFEST 2017



The main competition program of the Second Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema includes eleven films.

The main screening of the Ural Film Festival represents all genres: detectives, dramas, comedies, action movies, auteur films. The movies are only about to come out but many of them have been under discussion already.

Debutants and accomplished masters of feature films are going to contend for prizes and audience recognition.

Lera Surkova is going to present her first full length film Pagans. It has grown out of the play of the same name, which is staged at Theater.doc. It concerns the issues of faith and religion with no extremism and no restrictions at the same time.

To the joy of his fans, the director Alexander Karpilovsky, whose film won People's Award at URALKINOFEST in 2016, is going to present the final part of the trilogy I Give You My Word – 3.

The screening also includes the drama Arrhythmia by Boris Khlebnikov and the first full length work by Kyrill Pletnev, the film Light Up!, telling a story about a warden in the women’s colony with a remarkable voice who happens to take part in the main singing show of the country (cast: Inga Oboldina, Victoria Isakova, Vladimir Ilyin, Tatyana Dogileva).

The protagonist of a competition film It Will All Be Over Soon is a blue-collar worker, whose life changes dramatically after an unexpected acquaintance. The director and scriptwriter is Alexey Rybin, a member of the first line-up of the band Kino.

The first feature film in Russia about a Soviet writer and poet Daniil Yuvachev, known to the world as Kharms, is made by the director Ivan Bolotnikov. The film Kharms is an international project, made in co-production between Russia, Lithuania and Macedonia. The film creators managed to make not only the bright and naturalistic portrayal of the troublesome 30-40s years of the last century but also the protagonist’s unusual inner world. Kharms was produced in 22 days. “I have always been interested in Kharms. To my mind, he is an influential figure nowadays. His creative work is influential. Due to surrealism that we are surrounded, he is very popular and timely.” (Andrey Sigle, a producer).

The competition program of the festival includes the film Thawed Carp – the winner of People's Award at the Moscow International Film Festival, one of the most controversial films today, starring Marina Neyolova, Alisa Freyndlikh, Evgeniy Mironov, Sergey Puskepalis, Aleksandr Bashirov. The director Vladimir Kott is also one of the creators of the film The Day Before.


The Day Before (Directors: A. Kott, V. Kott, A. Karpilovsky, B. Khlebnikov) is going to be the opening film of the Ural Film Festival. The story shows us how people of different social classes, nationalities and religious beliefs from central and remote parts of the country spend their last day before the end. Cast: Darya Moroz, Andrey Malakhov, Yury Stoyanov, Zoya Buriak, Aleksander Lykov and other favorite actors.



Competition program of the Second Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema:

ARRHYTHMIA. Director: Boris Khlebnikov

THE DAY BEFORE. Directors: A. Kott, V. Kott, A. Karpilovsky, B. Khlebnikov OPENING FILM

LIGHT UP! Director: Kyrill Pletnev

FROM UFA WITH LOVE! Director: Ainur Askarov

THAWED CARP. Director: Vladimir Kott

THE NET. Director: Alexandra Strelyanaya

IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON. Director: Alexey Rybin

SELLA TURCICA. Director: Yusup Razikov

KHARMS. Director: Ivan Bolotnikov

I GIVE YOU MY WORD – 3. Director: Alexander Karpilovsky

PAGANS. Director: Valeria Surkova


"One of the goals of any festival is to get involved in the problems of current interest and support the artists who continue the intrinsic to the Russian art tradition of critical reflection of reality" (V. Kichin, program director of the Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema).

From 2 to 8 September the Ural audience and guests of the Film Festival are going to have an opportunity to see premieres before their official release. The 20 venues of the Film Festival are hosting more than 250 screenings from the program. The Opening Ceremony, when star guests walk down the red carpet, is taking place at the Kosmos cinema theater on 2 September.

There are surprises ready for the Cinema Festival audience. More than 50 residents of Yekaterinburg of various ages and occupations, famous all over the country and ordinary people, took part in the welcoming video of the Film Festival. The director of the Opening Ceremony keeps the theme of it secret but is sure that residents and visitors of Yekaterinburg will like it and will be proud of Sverdlovsk region.

The headliner of the Opening Ceremony is Kurara band.

The schedule of the full program of the Cinema Festival will be published at, partner resources, and all venues of the festival.

The Film Festival is supported by the Governor of Sverdlovsk region. 


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