«A pitch» at #UralCinemaFest

«A pitch» at #UralCinemaFest



Young but a very promising film which has got a lot of attention will be shown at #UralCinemaFest.

«A pitch» appeared on the screens in 2016 but already got a lot of attention of audience and positive reviews from cinema critics.

«A pitch» is the drive of a young creative team, new faces on the screen and amazing soundtracks.

Good news: the songs of the native Yekaterinburg bands such as «Smislovie Galljuzinazii», «Kurara» and «Cosmic Latte» will be used as soundtracks.

«It is a story about football, youth, about its bursting energy. And it is about the peaceful ways of using this energy in this modern agressive world. In our enormous country it is very important for people of different nationalities to find points of contact. When you live side by side it is impossible to make borders between each other. A pitch, around which the action takes place, is a metaphore of a city, country and world» (Eduard Bordukov, director of the film).