Theatrical Entr'acte


Director KOSMOS THEATRE 2 September 14:00
Associated Director Dmitry Bertman
Director of Photography
Sound Stanislav Shevtsov
Composer Giacomo Puccini
Production Designer Theatre director
Camillia Koo
Production Helikon-Opera
Timing 110 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 12+
Cinema Date/Time
Кинотеатр Время

Elena Mikhaylenko
Ksenia Lisanskaya
Dmitry Ponomarev
Alexander Kisselev
Vitaly Serebryakov
Yulia Shcherbakova
Dmitry Yankovsky
Vitaly Fomin
Ivan Volkov
Alexey Dedov
Maxim Losev-Demidov
Mikhail Demin



A princess who hates men will agree to marry a man who manages to solve three riddles, otherwise he will be beheaded. The beauty of the princess captivates prince Calaf and he gives a sign to propose her. The Emperor Altoum does not want another young man’s death but Calaf insists and successfully passes the test. The princess pleads with the father not to give her in marriage to a stranger. But the Emperor is bound by a sacred oath. Calaf promised her if she learns his name before sunrise, he will forfeit his life.

None shall sleep in Peking. Turandot ordered to learn the stranger’s name by dawn. The guards seize Timur and Liu who have been recently talking to the unknown man.

Trying to save Timur from tortures Liu claims that only she knows the name but she will keep it secret as she loves the prince. Then Liu kills herself. Everybody departs, leaving the Prince and Turandot alone for the first time…