Theatrical Entr'acte

Performance Masquerade. Remembrance of the future

Scriptwriter Mikhail Lermontov
Director Valery Fokin
Director of Photography Alexandr Degtiarev
Sergey Kochergin
Pavel Filippov
Sound Anna Rastrogina
Composer Alexandr Bakshi
fragments: A.Glazunov
Production Designer Semyon Pastukh
Production Alexandrinsky theatre
Timing 105 min.
Year 2014
Age restriction 16+
Cinema Date/Time
KOSMOS THEATRE 5 September 14:00

Dmitry Lysenkov
Elena Vozhakina
Nikolai Marton
other participants



Valery Fokin`s «Masquerade. Remembrance of the future» based on Mickail Lermontov`s drama «Masquerade» and the 1917 performance by Vsevolod Meyerhold will be adapted for TV screen.

The Stranger goes up to the stage of a historical Imperial theatre from the auditorium, and that is where one of the most integral performance of thepast revives. A group of 1917th production characters appears to stage in a glass museum boxes and animates too. The plot of Mickail Lermontov`s drama unfolds in characters and mise-an-scence, and mirrors in documented present events.