Theatrical Entr'acte

Musical Monte Cristo

Producer Vladimir Tartakovskiy
Alexei Bolonin
Scriptwriter Libretto writer
Yuliy Kim
Director Alina Chevik
Director of Photography
Composer Roman Ignatyev
Production Designer Theatre director
Vyacheslav Okunev
Director choreographer
Irina Korneeva
Lighting designer
Gleb Filshtinsky
Makeup and hair artist
Andrey Drykin
Production The Moscow Operetta Theatre
OOO «СDMaks-Plus»
Timing 129 min.
Year 2010
Age restriction 6+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
KOSMOS THEATRE 6 September 16:30

Igor Balalaev
Valerie Lanskaya
Maxim Novikov
Alexander Marakulin
Alexander Golubev
Vadim Michman
Alexander Postolenko
Anna Guchenkova
Lika Rulla
Vyacheslav Shlyakhtov
Vladislav Kiryuhin
Karine Asiryan
Rodion Romanadze
Arina Kurchenkova



Based on the novel the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The show opens with a magnificent ball. Couples are dancing gracefully as guests are engaged in conversation. The ball is in full swing, but the carefree fun is about to be cut short by the host – the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo.

Meanwhile, the show takes the audience back in time when many years ago a young sailor Edmond Dantes, on the day of his marriage to the beautiful Mercedes, is sentenced without trial and thrown into prison at Chateau d'If. He is the victim of a plot made by Fernand, who has been long in love with Edmond's fiancé, and deputy crown prosecutor Villefort, who convicts him for fear of being exposed.

Dantes will spend 20 years in the castle dungeons before he's able to escape. Fate will reward him for all his suffering: following a tip from a fellow prisoner, he will find fabulous treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo.

Edmond, now rich and free, returns to the place where he was once blissfully happy. But the only emotion left in his heart now is a lust for revenge. His time will come at that magnificent ball. Disguised by a mask the Count of Monte Cristo will take revenge on all who did him wrong.