Short film

Raskolnikov. Sweet clouds

Producer Alexandra Sashneva
Scriptwriter Alexandra Sashneva
Director Alexandra Sashneva
Director of Photography Vladimir Shapovalov
Sound Ivan Apilat
Mikhail Druchinin
Composer Alexandra Sashneva
Production Designer Alexandra Sashneva
Timing 28 min.
Year 2016
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 19:30
NCCA 6 September 20:50

Jilia Aug
Inna Koliada
Alexandr Gorodisky
Sergey Godin
Andrey Kanivchenko
Ludmila Kalentieva
Konstantin Gayoho
Viktor Hatenovsky
Alexandra Sashneva
Alexey Sashin



This magical story takes place in St. Petersburg. Student Sergei Raskolnikov - the namesake of the hero of the novel by F. Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment gets the task to write a term paper on the specified work. And this is the impetus for the chain of magical events in his own destiny. Events correspond with the story by Dostoevsky, but they are still a little different: the city and the era pose a challenge for Sergei which the creator did not give to Rodion Raskolnikov. All the characters live their own worries, but who makes them act in this strange magic play? City? Fate? Their own wishes?