Short film

Pure sight

Producer Marina Makarova
Scriptwriter Natalia Nazarova
Evgeny Startsev
Director Natalia Nazarova
Director of Photography Vyacheslav Ivanov
Sound Dimitry Kasyan
Production Designer
Production Production House VERUM
Timing 22 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 12+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 19:30
NCCA 6 September 20:50

Maria Smolnikova
Evgeny Startsev
Jana Dubois
Konstantin Mukhanov
Nariman Bekbulatov-Areshev



Marina works in an optical store. A young man Igor wants to do several things at one time: to buy a pair of glasses and to propose the girl. However, a surprise is awaiting him - Marina offers to break up. Why he is wondering. Igor is waiting for the most frightening - a new man, their daily grind, his insufficient financial stability, but her answer utterly takes him aback. She doesn't like men in glasses. To her mind, people who wear glasses are afraid to look into the future. Their conversation is accidentally overheard by a customer Lubov (Love). She's outraged with the optician's racism. She tries to calm Igor down by praising his appearance. What is more surprising that at that moment Marina also starts seeing something in Igor. The last pair of glasses opens her eyes - her Igor is really handsome. Unfortunately, it's too late. Lubov and Igor are going out together. Marina is left alone with hundreds of pairs of glasses waiting for their new owner.