Short film

Just like grown ups

Producer Max Volovik
Olga Guroma
Scriptwriter Ekaterina Mavromatis
Oksana Karas
Director Oksana Karas
Director of Photography Sergey Machilsky
Sound Ivan Rips
Production Designer Grigory Pushkin
Production Max Volovik Films
Timing 15 min.
Year 2016
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
NCCA 3 September 19:30
DOM KINO 6 September 18:00

Renata Litvinova
Fedor Bondarchuk
Yana Gladkikh
Peter Fedorov
Mikhail Efremov
Vladimir Mishukov



How often do we live through two, three, or even more versions of ourselves during one lifetime? How often do we change, irreversibly, under the influence of other people, often close relatives?

The timid Polya (24) works as an accountant and studies economics. She is in love with Kirill (25), who is her polar opposite. Kirill is a young cameraman: ambitious and talented. Kirill and Polya love each other and try to live together, but each of them has their own philosophy, their own value system and their own convictions.

Even when they part, Kirill and Polya continue to carry on an inner dialogue with each other. Everyone tries to prove to the other that they can achieve everything on the other’s wish list.

Twenty years later they meet, and now the heroes must find out the most important thing: whether one of them has found happiness in those years.