Short film

I am driving as I want

Producer Veber Liudmila
Scriptwriter Aleksey Zotov
Filyukov Denis
Director Denis Filyukov
Director of Photography Konstantin Veremeychik
Sound Petr Malafeev
Composer Vage Grigoryan
Production Designer Ksenia Fominova
Production LLC Film Company MAJOR FILM
Timing 29 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 12+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
NCCA 5 September 19:30
DOM KINO 6 September 20:00

Oleg Dulenin
Sergey Bukreev
Tatiana Dogileva
Konstantin Gatsalov
Sergey Mamikonyan
Nodari Dzhanelidze



A Colonel of the traffic police, tired out of troubles at work, comes to a Priest for a confession session. The Priest recommends him not to sin for at least one day. If the Colonel lives it honestly, he will be rewarded afterwards. The Colonel follows this lesson literally. He decides not to sell the vanity license plates that are hidden in his safe but to give them for free to people in line. It turns out that the plate with the number «666» should go to the Priest who definitely cannot make a public appearance in front of his parishioners with this «diabolical» number. But if he tries to refuse the plate, he will violate the legal procedure. The Priest has to decide whether to accept this grievous, but necessary burden, or to violate the law?