XXI century view

Scythe hitting Stone

Producer Anja Kreis
Scriptwriter Anja Kreis
Director Anja Kreis
Director of Photography Alexander Schwarz
Sound Andreas Hermann
Production Designer Anja Kreis
Anastasia Kavtsevitsch
Production Academy of Media Arts (Cologne)
Timing 80 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 18+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
PREMIER ZAL PARK HOUSE 4 September 12:00
KINOPLEX "KARNAVAL" 6 September 19:00
KINODOM "GLOBUS" 7 September 18:30

Xenia Kutepova
Alexei Solonchev
Ekaterina Vinogradova
Robert Vaab
Julianna Mikhnevitsch



Russia. 2000. The end of the post-Soviet era. The province of Ivanovo. The family Mironovich has a funeral lunch: During the war in Chechnya her youngest son Andrej has perished. Anton, his oldest brother, fulfills his last wish: He rides his motorbike through the city at dawn. Meanwhile, the young girl Vika, who is in love with Anton, is raped after the disco. Her mother Vera commits at home a senseless crime. Nobody is guilty