XXI century view

I give you my word

Producer Vladimir Esinov
Scriptwriter Alexei Borodachev
Alexander Karpilovsky
Tatiana Miroshnik
Director Alexander Karpilovsky
Director of Photography Mikhail Milashin
Composer Maxim Koshevarov
Sergei Zykov
Production Designer Alexander Gilyarevski
Production Ltd. Kinoprogramma XXI century
Timing 99 min.
Year 2013
Age restriction 6+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
KINODOM "GLOBUS" 3 September 16:30
KINOPLEX "KARNAVAL" 4 September 14:30
PREMIER ZAL PARK HOUSE 5 September 14:40

Semen Treskunov
Anfisa Vistingauzen
Egor Klinaev
Roman Madyanov
Yulia Rutberg
Svetlana Ivanova
Raisa Ryazanova
Timofei Tribuntsev



Mishka and his faithful friend Dima are scolllchildren. They are preparing for the celebration of the birthday of the pioneer organization. At the fishing Mishka falls into the river, but he is saved a stray dog, which the guys really made friends... Suddenly the dog gets to the furrier, and only the help of friends can save it from imminent death. Mishka and Dima make a difficult choice – participation in a pioneer festival or rescue the dog ... Duty, friendship, love... What is more important?