XXI century view


Producer Leonid Filinov
Scriptwriter Talsunpan Babicheva
Gulsyasyak Salamatova
Director Bulat Yusupov
Director of Photography Damir Gaitkulov
Sound Gulnara Saitova
Composer Rishat Sagitov
Production Designer Rustam Baimukhametov
Production Zhivaya Lenta Ltd.
Timing 97 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 6+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
PREMIER ZAL PARK HOUSE 3 September 13:00
KINODOM "GLOBUS" 7 September 16:30
KINOPLEX "KARNAVAL" 8 September 14:30

Ilgiz Tagirov
Ramzil Salmanov



The story of the poet's Shaikhzada Babich, whose life was spent in the revolutionary era of the early 20th century. After finishing madrasah «Galiya» he's looking for themselves in art, grieving over the troubles of the common people and his singing aspirations. In the active political struggle, he became one of the founders of Bashkir autonomy in the new Russia.