XXI century view

A Touch of Wind

Producer Anastasia Razlogova
Marina Kuchkova
Kirill Iline
Andjei Petras
Scriptwriter Olga Veremeeva
Director Olga Veremeeva Elena Demidova
Director of Photography Sergey Maximov
Sound Iliya Veremeev
Composer Andjei Petras
Production Designer Vitaliy Trukhanenko
Production Kamer-Ton-Film-Russia LTD
Timing 77 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 18+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
KINODOM "GLOBUS" 3 September 18:30
PREMIER ZAL PARK HOUSE 5 September 13:00

Julia Aug
Eduard Zhagbaev



The experimental film, which combines fiction and documentary scenes in one continuous narration. The shooting of the film took place in Buryatia, a South-Eastern part of Russia that is considered the center of Buddhism in Russia. In the fictional story, a Moscow actress comes to faraway Buryatia to find the man she once loved. She is terminally ill and Buryatia gives her a second chance. The real actress Julia Aug, like her character, is also in Buryatia for the first time. During her journey, the real Julia, as well as her character, also finds herself in the datsan, she goes to a real Lama to find out her destiny and receives unexpected answers…