On anniversary of Eldar Ryazanov

Zigzag of Luck

Scriptwriter Eldar Ryazanov
Emil Braginsky
Director Eldar Ryazanov
Director of Photography Vladimir Nakhabtsev
Composer Andrey Petrov
Production Designer Ippolit Novoderzhkin
Sergey Voronkov
Olga Kruchinina
Production Mosfilm Studio
Timing 88 min.
Year 1968
Age restriction 6+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 7 September 12:00

Evgeny Leonov
Valentina Talyzina
Evgeny Yevstigneyev
Irina Skobtseva
Alexey Gribov
Gotlib Roninson
Georgy Burkov
Valentina Telichkina
Svetlana Starikova
Boris Suslov



A young photographer Vladimir Oreshnikov wins 10,000 rubles. Without thinking long his colleagues start a heated discussion on this matter. The thing is that Oreshnikov has secretly borrowed 20 rubles to buy a government lottery bond. He has taken money from the workers mutual aid fund of which he was a Chairman. As a result, a bitter quarrel breaks out. Only New Year celebration makes fellow co-workers reconcile.