On anniversary of Eldar Ryazanov

Nowhere Man

Scriptwriter Leonid Zorin
Director Eldar Ryazanov
Director of Photography Leonid Krainenkov
Anatoli Petritsky
Composer Anatoly Lepin
Production Designer Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Lev Milchin
Jimmy Sakuyama
Production Mosfilm Studio
Timing 94 min.
Year 1988
Age restriction
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 4 September 15:00

Sergei Yursky
Yury Yakovlev
Anatoli Papanov
Lyudmila Gurchenko
Anatoly Adoskin
Vladimir Muravyov
Yuri Belov
Antoni Khodursky
Petr Savin
Ninel Myishkova



Adventure comedy about a caveman from a fictional tribe Tapi. The action begins when a young geologist Vladimir Porazhaev, while having an anthropological expedition, falls  unexpectedly into the abyss. Besides Vladimir has long suspected that this tribe exists; it is this fact that becomes the main reason of the strife with the Head of the expedition Krokhalev. Using his intellectual superiority, the geologist gets free from the tribe and comes back to Moscow together with the caveman called Chudak.


At the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union October 24, 1961) M.A. Suslov harshly and severely commented on the film. Soon the film screening was forbidden nationwide. They lifted the ban only in 1988 by the decision of Goskino USSR and the dispute committee of the USSR Union of Cinematographers. Soon after the film was shown in the cinema again.