On anniversary of Eldar Ryazanov

Mysteries of Paris by Eldar Ryazanov.

Producer Igor Bortnikov
Irena Lesnevskaya
Dmitry Lesnevsky
Director Yuri Afinogenov
Director of Photography Igor Bolotnikov
Sound Andrei Sologubov
Production Designer Igor Makarov
Production REN-TV ordered by ORT
Timing 76 min.
Year 1996
Age restriction 12+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 15:00



Eldar Ryazanov:


-       I ask everybody how they understand happiness. In my opinion, it is the key question in each person’s fate. That is why I’ll ask you: Do you feel that you’ve lived a happy life?


Jean Marais:

-       Happiness is a strange thing…It should be taught as early as school. Happiness is to live in harmony with yourself. To have faults is happiness because it’s interesting to work on them. It’s the question of character which one is born with and cannot change. This is where unfairness begins again. I’ve always managed to be happy, no matter what dramas happened around me, but to do this you have to be selfish to some extent. I used to bury my head in the sand and now I blame myself. I didn’t want to see bad things, and I tried not to do so. I suppose it is not really good. Happiness is to be surrounded by near and dear and know how to appreciate beauty. This is a special gift. For this reason, happiness is not fair to many unhappy people. I’m believed to be a nice person to talk to, instead I just try to apologize for good fortune that I’ve had all my life.