On anniversary of Eldar Ryazanov

Let's Talk about the Oddities of Love, Alexander Vertinsky.

Producer Irena Lesnevskaya
Dmitry Lesnevsky
Director Vadim Fomenko
Director of Photography Igor Bolotnikov
Andrey Kuznetsov
Yuri Kryuchkov
Nikolai Zhutnik
Sound Andrei Sologubov
Lola Bukaeva
Production Designer
Production REN-TV сommissioned by ORT
Year 1998
Age restriction
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 15:00



The film by Eldar Ryazanov “Let’s talk about the oddities of love. Aleksandr Vertinskiy” is a story about the poet and singer, stage idol of the first half of the XX century, the first Russian bard told by his dear ones. His wife and daughter recollect about him. “He was a king, a patrician. He was a great person, - his wife Lidiya Vladimirovna recalls.

Vertisky's voice mesmerized, his songs lure people into far, mysterious countries. However, his decadent style irritated soviet officials. Despite his immense popularity, there was neither a review of his concerts, nor a publication of his poems. “Why don’t I sing on the radio? Why aren’t there any of my records? Why haven't there been any reviews of my concerts for the last 13 years? I get thousands of letters in which I am asked about it. I was loved by people but was unnoticed by their government.”

According to his daughter Anastasiya: «He was born as if he had been a nomad. His way was infinite. He early lost his parents, early left home, was in the war, wandered around Russia, started singing, left his motherland, traveled the whole world.

Aleksandr Vertinsky lived in the foreign lands for a quarter of a century, he never really understood why he had left. He greatly yeaned for Russia, his leaving became a scary, fatal mistake. His haven was only in Moscow, in Russia.

Life in exile was incredibly motley - it included and prison, and success, and poverty. He received loud applause from Paris, London, New York audiences. The Russians, French, English listened to him. Dyagilev, Shalyapin, Utyosov, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich admired him. After his tours in Europe, namely Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the Baltic States, Hungary, Yugoslavia, he used to settle for some time in France, the USA and China. When he was 46, he married an 18-year-old beauty Lidiya Vladimirovna Tsirgvava in the Chinese city of Harbin. They lived together for 22 years and even after his death he continued to be "the main man of her life".