Meetings with Sergei Solovyov


Scriptwriter Sergei Solovyev
Maxim Gorky
Director Sergei Solovyev
Director of Photography Leonid Kalashnikov
Composer Isaac Schwartz
Production Designer Aleksandr Borisov
Mayya Abar-Baranovskaya
Ganna Ganevskaya
Production Mosfilm Studio
Creative Association «Luch»
Timing 85 min.
Year 1971
Age restriction 12+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 8 September 14:00

Mikhail Ulyanov
Maya Bulgakovа
Yekaterina Vasilyeva
Zinaida Slavina
Anatoli Romashin
Evgeniy Steblov
Rimma Markova
Vladimir Yemelyanov
Yefim Kopelyan
Valentina Sharykina



The film adaptation of the play of the same name by M. Gorky.

The film is set in 1917 before the February events in Kostroma. Egor Bulychyov, a rich Russian industrialist, has become seriously ill. Anticipating his death and big changes in society, Bulychyov has a look back at his life and regrets living it improperly, in the wrong way. With his last strength, he argues with people of different beliefs – a caught stealing manager Bashkin, a religious advisor priest Pavlin. Meanwhile, life goes on – his family and close friends start dividing his fortune, and his daughter is getting ready for an engagement.