Meetings with Sergei Solovyov


Scriptwriter Sergey Livnev
Sergei Solovyev
Natan Eidelman
Director Sergei Solovyev
Director of Photography Pavel Lebeshev
Composer Boris Grebenshikov
Production Designer Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov
Timur Novikov
Irina Ginno
Production Mosfilm Studio
Creative Association «Krug»
Timing 153 min.
Year 1987
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 7 September 14:00

Sergei Bugaev
Tatyana Drubich
Stanislav Govorukhin
Natan Eidelman
Anatoly Slivnikov
German Shorr
Ilya Ivanov
Aleksandr Bashirov
Viktor Tsoy
Sergei Ryzhenko



A young girl who aspires to a glamorous and well-off life gets involved with a mob boss. But there is another life – free, flying, full of wind and music, the life of the boy Bananan.

Popular rock musicians take part in the film (including Viktor Tsoy), the soundtrack consists of the songs of Boris Grebenshikov and the band Aquarium, Zhanna Aguzarova with the band Bravo, the band Kino. That is partially why the film ASSA has become one of the main film works of Russian rock, which reached its peak in the second part of the 1980s.