Meetings with Alla Surikova

Two arrows. Stone Age Detective

Scriptwriter Aleksandr Volodin
Director Alla Surikova
Director of Photography Gregory Belenky
Composer Gennady Gladkov
Production Designer Evgeniy Vinitsky
Production Mosfilm Studio
Timing 94 min.
Year 1989
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 13:00

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan
Alexander Kuznetsov
Nikolai Karachentsov
Leonid Yarmolnik
Natalya Gundareva
Sergey Shakurov
Olga Kabo
Maria Vinogradova
Stanislav Sadalsky
Oleg Anofriyev



 A detective story about life of our remote ancestors. The childhood of civilization: caves, campfires, barbaric morals, cruel traditions…On the one hand, wild nature, barbarian people, who haven’t reaped the fruits of civilization. On the other hand, fights over power, the naivety of the painter who believes in human justice, the cruelty of warriors who are ready to repress any sign of independence.