Producer Zhen Xiaofeng
Yang Du
Scriptwriter Alex Jia
Ding Sheng
Director Ding Sheng
Director of Photography Ding Yu
Composer Lao Zai
Production Designer
Production Beijing Going Zoom Media Co Ltd.
Timing 105 min.
Year 2015
Age restriction 16+
Country China
Cinema Date/Time
KOSMOS THEATRE 7 September 16:30
DOM KINO 8 September 18:00

Andy Lau
Liu Ye
Wu Ruofu
Wang Qianyuan
Cai Lu



The film is a police thriller based on a real story. Men disguised as cops kidnapped a famous Chinese actor in 2004 and demanded a ransom of 3 million yuan. The real victim of this abduction, an actor Wu Ruofu, starred as a police officer who ruled the rescue operation. Thanks to this fact the plot of the film and portrayal of characters are realistic enough, moreover the director’s talent and experience added energy and intrigue. As it should be in a criminal thriller, the main conflict occurs between the police officer who tries to hunt down the gang of kidnappers and the gang leader, a self-assured and cynic villain. More than that, viewers all the time follow the kidnapped star, Mr. Wu, whom the mobsters plan to kill whether they get the ransom or not. Mr. Wu, on the contrary, does not only struggle for his life but looks after his fellow victim gaining even the gang members’ respect.