Producer Wang Zhonglei
Zhang Dajun
Zhu Wenjiu
Scriptwriter Dong Runnian
Guan Hu
Director Guan Hu
Director of Photography Luo Pan
Composer Dou Peng
Production Designer
Production Huayi Brothers
Taihe Film Investment
Timing 135 min.
Year 2015
Age restriction 16+
Country China
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 3 September 19:00
KOSMOS THEATRE 8 September 14:00

Feng Xiaogang
Zhang Hanyu
Xu Qing
Li Yi Feng
Kris Wu



Brutal and independent Liu Ye (Mr. Six) or as friends call him Lao pao er (Old Cannon) used to reign over the Beijing streets as the neighborhood kingpin for many years. Now he is about 60 and is being blackmailed by a mafia group. His estranged son has been kidnapped after damaging the car of a well-connected young drag-racing street gang leader. Mr. Six steps up to help defend him. He attempts to settle the debts of his son by relying on his old school rules and by the help of his old friends. He manages to fight the mafia that is linked to the high government circles.

This criminal drama had its premiere in 2015 at the closing of the Venice International Film Festival. The film is “harshly” realistic since the protagonist is not good at martial arts and is diagnosed with a serious heart disease. Renowned Chinese director Feng Xiaogang skillfully performed as Liu Ye and this creative experiment was highly appreciated by the Chinese cinematographic community. Feng Xiaogang won the Best Actor Award at the Golden Horse Awards (national award of Taiwan) in 2015 for his performance in Mr. Six.