Andrey Proshkin: a retrospective


Producer Igor Mishin
Natalia Gostyushina
Scriptwriter Yuri Arabov
Director Andrey Proshkin
Director of Photography Yuri Rayskiy
Composer Alexey Aygi
Production Designer Yuri Karasik
Production OOO “STN-film"
Timing 110 min.
Year 2015
Age restriction 16+
Country Россия
Cinema Date/Time
7 September 19:00

Viktor Sukhorukov
Elena Lyadova
Timofey Tribuntsev
Vitaly Khaev
Oleg Yagodin
Pavel Tabakov



A provincial Russian town that has a peculiar name of Orlean is going to be hit by a storm. Its residents have been unaware of it so far: Lida the hairdresser has indiscriminate affairs; Rudik the doctor enjoys an endless supply of women, thanks to his position; the local officer of the law has no qualms about committing a murder; a magician from the local circus might actually be sawing women in half on stage... One day, a mysterious man appears in this quiet backwater town. He goes by the title of the Executor. He approaches the residents of the town and promises in a rather eccentric manner endless suffering in their lifetimes. As the story unfolds, the audience learn that this newcomer is elusive, possibly immortal, and that the town's residents are in a desperate need of him.