Andrey Konchalovsky: a retrospective

House of Fools

Producer Felix Kleiman
Andrei Konchalovsky
Scriptwriter Andrei Konchalovsky
Director Andrei Konchalovsky
Director of Photography Sergei Kozlov
Sound Vladimir Oryol
Yevgeni Terekhovsky
Composer Eduard Artemev
Production Designer Lyubov Skorina
Nina Kolodkina
Svetlana Volter
Production Studio Persona
Hachette Première et Cie
Bac Films
Timing 105 min.
Year 2002
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 8 September 16:00

Yuliya Vysotskaya
Sultan Islamov
Stanislav Varkki
Elena Fomina
Marina Politseymako
Yevgeni Mironov
Bryan Adams
Rasmi Dzhabrailov
Vladimir Fyodorov
Vladas Bagdonas
Anatoli Adoskin
Gevorgiy Ovyakimyan



On the Chechnya and Ingushetia border there is a fenced-in mental institution. The war is somewhere nearby, but there is a special life here with its own values and complicated relationships. One day all the staff of the hospital vanishes, and the patients enjoy freedom by turning the hospital upside down. Suddenly a Chechen military group appear and a Russian unit following them. The shots are heard. The insanity of the war breaks into the world of the patients.
Yuliya Vysotskaya plays the leading part of a mental patient Zhanna whose only chance for survival is love.