Andrey Konchalovsky: a retrospective

A Lover's Romance

Scriptwriter Evgeniy Grigoriev
Director Andrei Konchalovsky
Director of Photography Levan Paatashvili
Sound Inna Zelentsova
Composer Aleksandr Gradskiy
Production Designer Leonid Pertsev
Production Mosfilm Studio
Timing 135 min.
Year 1974
Age restriction 12+
Country USSR
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 16:00

Yevgeniy Kindinov
Yelena Koreneva
Innokentiy Smoktunovsky
Irina Kupchenko
Elizaveta Solodova
Iya Savvina
Vladimir Konkin
Aleksandr Zbruyev
Roman Gromadskiy
Nikolai Grinko



During a military exercise Sergey Nikitin ends up on a deserted island. The administration, which is certain of his death, reports it to his close ones in his Motherland. His girlfriend Tatiana, having learnt about it, grieves a lot. But she has to live on. When Sergey comes back, it turns out that Tatiana has already married another man.