Competition program

Thawed Carp

Producer Nikita Vladimirov
Scriptwriter Andrey Taratukhin
Dmitry Lanchikhin
Oksana Karas
Vladimir Kott
Director Vladimir Kott
Director of Photography Mikhail Agranovich
Sound Antonina Balashova
Composer Ruslan Myratov
Production Designer Aleksander Zagoskin
Production KinoKlaster
Timing 105 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 12+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 4 September 14:00
RODINA 3D, Nizhny Tagil 6 September 18:15

Marina Neyolova
Alisa Freyndlikh
Evgeniy Mironov
Natalya Surkova
Sergey Puskepalis
Aleksandr Bashirov



The village schoolteacher Elena Mikhailovna hasn't seen her son for five years: he's too busy with his serious work as a professional coach in Moscow. What finally brings him back home is the news that his mother is dying, but even then business turns out to matter more to him than a parent's health, so Elena Mikhailovna is left alone once more, awaiting death in the company of a carp suddenly come to life.