Competition program

Sella Turcica

Producer Daria Lavrova
Philip Brusnikin
Denis Luzanov
Alexander Gadalov
Yusup Razikov
Scriptwriter Yusup Razikov
Director Yusup Razikov
Director of Photography Yuri Mikhailishin
Yuri Krochuk
Sound Anastasia Anosova
Production Designer Yusup Razikov
Production Tritonа
Timing 77 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 18+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 5 September 11:00
PROGRESS, Asbest 6 September 19:00

Valery Maslov
Veronika Kuznetsova
Vitaly Daushev
Ilya Kovrizhnykh
Sergey Genkin



Ilyich is retired and lonely. A «toptun» (sleuth) in the past, he was survelliance specialist for the KGB. The «bureau» laid him off and got him a quiet job. Now Ilyich`s life is so measured and eventless it almost stands still. But he`s tortured by the fact that he can`t stop watching over people, tailing anyone who attracts his attention. Ilyich belives he`s sick, and hopes a specialist could help him. One day, unusual neighbors move in next door, and a lone man`s life changes drastically.