Competition program

It will all be over soon

Producer Igor Gudkov
Alexey Rybin
Scriptwriter Alexey Rybin
Director Alexey Rybin
Director of Photography Vladimir Brylyakov
Sound Vladislav Melnichenko
Production Designer Maria Zоliпа
Production Shark
Timing 112 min.
Year 2017
Age restriction 16+
Country Russia
Cinema Date/Time
DOM KINO 6 September 11:00
VOSHOD, Pervouralsk 5 September 16:30

Mikhail Sivorin
Oksana Skakun
Sergey Losev
Igor Golovin
Ivan Ваtаrе
Lydia Batareva
Natalya Indeykina



The main character, Mikhail Nosov (played Ьу Mikhail Sivorin) is а blue-collar worker. Не leads а lonely life of an average hardworking man who operates lathe at the йctory, lives in а small apartment he rents, watches television, surfs the iпtеrпеt and goes to the low-end night clubs.
One day Nosov meets а prostitute who calls herself Diana.
Nosov likes Diana and decides to take hеr services. Now Diana must live with him in his apartment. Later it tums out Diana is not who Nosov thought she was, and it makes his life take turn.
Suddenly, he starts to go against his own principles and shifts his mindset. Не starts to realize that life is not so one-dimensional as he believed аftеr spending so muсh time with his coworkers and watching ТV.