Natalia<br/> Ivanova



A producer.

Natalia Ivanova  has been in the film industry since 1986. She has headed up the Producer Centre «Khorosho Production» since 2001. This centre specializes on the production and distribution of feature, documentary an TV films. She is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, member of the European Film Academy, member of the Producers Guild of Russia.

She works in drama, action and thriller genres.

She has produced the Festivals of Russian Cinema in France (Limoges) and Italy (Sardinia).

«When I embark on a new project, I always want to believe that what I like - the viewer will like it too. It is the main thing that my selection of the material is based on and only after its commercial component. I also hope that the time comes for each of my picture. As a producer, I like working with debutants.»


Filmography as a producer:

Clay hole (in production, V. Glagoleva )

Teli and Toli (Aleksandr Amirov, 2015) (debut)

Two women (Vera Glagoleva, 2014), Russia, France, Latvia

Chapaev-Chapaev (dir. and co-producer Viktor Tikhomirov, 2013)

Gulf Stream under the Iceberg (dir. and co-producer Evgeniy Pashkevich, 2012) Russia, Latvia

Diary of a Burnt Ghetto (Evgeny Tsymbal, 2011)

Presumed consent (Farhot Abdullaev, 2011)

One war (Vera Glagoleva, 2009)

Can’t Get Us (Shilovskiy, 2007) (debut)

Andrey Mironov. An Ordinary Miracle (Svetlana Stasenko, 2007)

Hit contract (V. Glagoleva, 2005)