Archive 2017 year

Arrhythmia (director: Boris Khlebnikov) received Grand Prize for the Best Film.


The winners in the nominations

Best Debut went to the actor Valery Maslov for the leading part in the film Sella Turcica.

Best Cinematography was given to Shandor Berkershi for the film Kharms.

Best Actress: Irina Gorbacheva for the film Arrhythmia.

Best Actor: Alexander Yatsenko for the film Arrhythmia.

Best Producer  went to the producers Daria Lavrova, Philip Brusnikin, Denis Luzanov,

Alexander Gadalov and Yusup Razikov for the film  Sella Turcica.

Best Director: Yusup Razikov for the film  Sella Turcica.

People's Choice Award. Short Film. The film I Am Driving As I Want, director Denis Filyukov.

People's Choice Award: The film Light Up!, director Kyrill Pletnev.

Special Jury Prize for the script to the film Thawed Carp.

Scriptwriters are Andrey Taratukhin, Dmitry Lanchikhin, Oksana Karas and Vladimir Kott


Diploma of the Jury went to the actress Tatyana Vladimirova for the film Pagans.

Diploma by the Russian Guild of Film Critics to the film Pagans

(director Valeria Surkova) for the author’s stoicism protecting personal freedom.


Prize by the Russian Guild of Film Critics "Elephant"  to the film Arrythmia

(director Boris Khlebnikov) for a fine feeling of the beat of the modern life. 


Prize by the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta to the film It Will All Be Over Soon

(director Alexey Rybin) for successful experience of an artistic analysis of current social problems.



Competition program of the Second Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema:

ARRHYTHMIA. Director: Boris Khlebnikov

THE DAY BEFORE. Directors: A. Kott, V. Kott, A. Karpilovsky, B. Khlebnikov

OPENING FILM LIGHT UP! Director: Kyrill Pletnev

FROM UFA WITH LOVE! Director: Ainur Askarov

THAWED CARP. Director: Vladimir Kott

THE NET. Director: Alexandra Strelyanaya

IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON. Director: Alexey Rybin

SELLA TURCICA. Director: Yusup Razikov

KHARMS. Director: Ivan Bolotnikov

I GIVE YOU MY WORD – 3. Director: Alexander Karpilovsky

PAGANS. Director: Valeria Surkova