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Gleb <br/>Panfilov


President of the Festival

People's Artist of Russia, academician of the National Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, Honored member of Russian Art Academy

Honored Arts Worker of RSFSR (31.12.1976).

People’s Artist of RSFSR (24.05.1984).


The most significant landmarks in the history of XX century Russian Cinema are connected with the name of Gleb Panfilov.

He was one of the pioneers of cinema amateurs in USSR in the end of 50s. Together with his friend, a young radio-engineer Vitaly Vyshinsky, he organized an amateurs cinema studio at Sverdlovsk Mining Institute where they made a film «A little nylon sweater» and a documentary «People’s police». The documentary became popular and appeared on a big screen – it was the first success. Panfilov was invited to Sverdlovsk TV where he made several documentaries and a short film «Kurt Klauzetz’s Case». In this film Panfilov introduced Anatoly Solonitsin and suggested him as an actor for the Andrey Rublev’s role to Andrey Tarkovsky. The rehearsal was successful – Solonitsin got the role.

Panfilov’s debut and diploma work during graduation from Higher educational courses for directors became a drama «V ogne broda net» (There’s no ford in fire) made at «Lenfilm» cinema studio at the 2nd creative group under the leadership of Aleksandr Gavrilovich Ivanov. Film became a triple discovery: a new way of perception of the Civil War – high poetry and deep faith on the background of fire and pain; discovery of the outstanding dramatic talent of Inna Churikova (before known as a character actress) and the director talent of Panfilov himself. The film was introduced to the audience, won the Grand Prix in Locarno and Panfilov became one of the most perspective young professionals.

Among Panfilov's mentors were outstanding professionals of the Soviet Cinema: Anatoli Dmitrievich Golovnya, Leonid Zakharovich Trauberg, Yuli Yakovlevich Raizman, Aleksandr Veniaminovich Macheret. From them Panfilov has received the best traditions of Russian Cinema School and he continued it on a new level: his films express his unique personality and author identity, combines a deep interest to social and psychological issues, high cinematographic culture, artistry and humor. The political crisis of the 70-s brewing in the country was well caught by a drama «The Theme» where the issues of the dissidence and the new emigration wave were discussed. The movie was considered as dangerous and had no publicity for a long time. After it finally appeared on the screens it won the «Golden Bear» and another 4 Awards of Berlin International Film Festival.

Gleb Panfilov is always very demanding and picky when it comes to a choice of the literature basis of his films. He has been working with the books of Gorky («Vassa», «Mother»), Vampilov («Valentina»), Ostrovsky («Guilty Without Guilt»), Solzhenitsyn («In the First Circle»). Film «Mother» became a sensation of the Cannes Film Festival and won the Jury Award for outstanding artistic achievements. In 1991 he found a cinema company «Vera» where he created a big historical drama about the last Russian emperor and his family: «The Romanovs: An Imperial Family». In 1986 on the Moscow «Lenkom» stage appeared Panfilov’s play «Hamlet» – that was a start of a new period of director’s biography. His theatrical plays «...Sorry», «Little White Lie», «Aquitaine Lioness» are always popular among the audience.



1969 — «Golden Leopard» at Locarno International Film Festival for the film «V ogne broda net».

1971 — «Silver Lion» at Venice International Film Festival for the film «Nachalo» (The beginning).

1976 — Jubilee Prize at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for the film «Proshu slova» (I demand a speech).

1983 — Golden Prize at Moscow International Film Festival for the film «Vassa».

1985 — RSFSR Vasiliev Brothers Prize for the film «Vassa».

1987 — «Golden bear» and Award of International Federation of Film Critics (Fipressi) at Berlin International Film Festival for the film «The Theme», Evangelical Church award, СIDАLK Award.

1990 — Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival for outstanding artistic achievements in the film «Mother».

2001 — Filmmakers’ Guild Prize at «Stalker» Festival in Moscow for the film «The Romanovs: An Imperial Family».

2001 — Nika Award for the Contribution to Cinema development.

2005 — Nika Award for Best TV-film for Best TV-film «In the First Circle».

2005 — Major Prize at the TV-films festival in Strasbourg for the TV-film «In the First Circle».

2005 — TEFI Prize for the TV-film «In the First Circle».

2006 — «Golden Eagle» Award for Best TV-film «In the First Circle».

2007 — «Zolotoy Vityaz» Prize for Best TV-film «In the First Circle».

2010 — Officer in the Order of Arts and Literature (France).

2010 — Order For Merit to the Fatherland, IV grade.

2013 — Prize of Russian Academy of Cinema Arts «Nika» in nomination «Honour and Dignity» (with Inna Churikova).