Оrganizing Committee



Director of the Festival

(born in Sverdlovsk on the 6th of May 1947) 


Honored Art Worker, head of Sverdlovsk department of Russian Cinematographers Union. 

Camera man, director.


Started to work at Sverdlovsk Film Studio since 16 years old. Graduated from the cinematography faculty of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography VGIK (class of A.Simonov). He made the cinematography of more than 60 films. 

Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation (2003). 



Sverdlovsk Governor Award for the cinematography of the film «Privet malysh!» (2001).


2007 г. «The Golden Snake», director, producer 

2001 г. «Privet malysh!», director

1995 г. «Ground test», cinematography

1993 г. «You are», director

1991 г. «The Governor», director

1990 г. «In the surf», cinematography

1989 г. «Moi milyi chizh», director

1988 г. «Holidays and regular days of Serafima Glyukina», cinematography

1986 г. «Times of Dates», cinematography

1985 г. «In a shooting forest», cinematography

1984 г. «House on dunes», cinematography

1983 г. «Semen Dezhnev», cinematography

1982 г. «To those who remain alive», cinematography

1980 г. «On a big river coast», cinematography