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Director of Programs

(born in 1938 in Sverdlovsk)

Russian journalist, cinema and theater critic. At the present moment — columnist at «Rossijskaya Gazeta».

Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation, a member of Academy of Cinema Arts «Nika».


Finished the Musical School at Urals Moussorgsky State Conservatoire in Sverdlovsk (piano class) and a Faculty of Journalism at Ural State University (1961). He started as an editor of youth and musical programs Sverdlovsk TV, then worked as a deputy of the secretary at «Vecherny Sverdlovsk» newspaper. In 1968 he moved to Moscow. He was responsible for departments at the magazines «Sovietskoye Foto», «Iskusstvo Kino» and the newspaper «Soviet Culture», worked as the main editor of a magazine «Sovietsky Film», vice main editor at the magazines «Sovietsky Ekran», «Obozrevatel» and «Stolitsa», vice main editor and editor of TV-department of «Obshaya Gazeta», special correspondent at «Izvestia» newspaper. Before the 4th of October 2011 he worked as a representer at the week programs «Kino po pyatnitsam», «Muzyka v kvadratye» at radio «Russian Radio — Culture» (FM 91.6).

He was a Jury member of several Russian and International Festivals (Varna, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Khanty-Mansiysk, Vyborg), Jury member of Fipressi (International Federation of Film Critics) at Montreal World Film Festival, Jury member of Theatrical Festival «Golden Mask», head of Jury of Russian critics at Moscow International Film Festival. In 2011 he became a curator and a program director of the online-festival (D2.rg.ru), «Unknown Russian Cinema» which was held at «Rossijskaya Gazeta» web-site due to his idea. From 2011 to 2015 there were 6 festivals: the second was devoted to the documentary cinema, the third — to directors debuts, the fourth — «Season of professionals» — included competitions for films and animated films, the fifth — «Unknown Russian Cinema» had a «theatircal intermission» where two of the best of Russian musical films («Nord-Ost» from Moscow and «Catherine the Great» from Yekaterinburg) were shown. The audience of the festival through the years increased to 200 000 of views, to the sixth festival viewers were coming from 98 countries all over the world.

Kichin is an author of a booklet «Andrey Mironov», books «Liudmila Gurchenko» (1988), «Tam gde brodit Gloria Mundi» (2010), «Dancing in the dark» (2013), articles at the compilations «Andrey Mironov from his friends perspective», «Game and The Truth. Monologues about Mark Zakharov» (2010). A member of Russian Journalists Union, Russian Cinematographers Union. A member of Russian Academy of Cinematographical Arts «Nika». Winner of the awards: prize of the Union of Theatre Workers of USSR, «Golden Aries» (1998), Award of Guild of Filmmakers and Cinema Critics «White Elephant» (2003), Miron Chernenko Award from Guild of Filmmakers and Cinema Critics for professionalism, civic engagement and a bright critical temperament (2011), «Slon» Prize — «For honor, dignity and professional contribution» (2012).

Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation (2010).